Sketchbooks, projects and high heels

Well admitedly not so much the high heels, as this tired ‘fashionista’ is built for comfort not speed now! 😉

I actually planned out my sketchbook, not so much that it’s set in stone, but enough so that I know what I’m doing, where I’m going, with MY pov and narrowed down research so it should look like a cohesive whole. And my lecturers thought that would never happen!

I’m currently planning my year with my own mini deadlines so I hit my actual deadlines with enough time to work on the feedback.

You can see the floor in my work room for the first time since June last year cos I cleaned it.

So this should be a doddle now. I’ll just sit with my feet up shall I? Erm, no, that would be lovely but I want 2 complete outfits by Christmas break (which will just leave 4 to go after that!)

I am looking for the following though:

A photographer for next year
Models for next year for both fashion shoot and catwalk

If you know anyone who fancies giving this a go then post a comment or tweet me.

So, this week I’ve been up between 0300 and 0500 4 times. It isn’t The Cub as he’s sleeping through (yes, I know how lucky I am and yes, it could all change in a heartbeat!) If anyone finds my lost sleeping pattern could you let me know?

Having fun on the mental plane.



Catch up from the summer

Spent the summer researching and researching.
Visiting art galleries.
Playing with The Cub.
Getting to grips with Illustrator and Photoshop – which I would marry if they were a person!

Fashion show went ok, wasn’t that happy with the finish on my garments, but people, it’s been a HUGE learning curve for this tired momma over the last 12 months.

I passed the first year without any resits which is fantastic and didn’t do to badly.

My models did a brilliant job walking the catwalk and rocking out – will post some pictures when I get time (you know those 3 minutes a day I use to use as sleep!)

All our summer briefs except conceptual studies have been launched and they are HUGE. Imagine the biggest thing ever then double it and you aren’t even close. Forget expansion of the universe, tis nothing compared to these briefs (not the Bridget Jones kind 😉

You’ll be extactic to know I’ll be doing this on a regular basis now so I’m going to ask your forgiveness now for my inane ramblings.