Xmas wishlist to a photographer

Or my crush on Perou just gets bigger you decide!

Dear Santa I’d like the following for Christmas please:

Perou to photograph:

Brian Blessed – would love to see an S&M photo session of The Blessed for the sheer comedy value 😉
Susan Sarandon
Johnny Depp – pref naked, Mr Depp not Perou I’ve seen WAY too much of him as it is ::uses mind bleach::
Clint Eastwood
Bruce Willis
Olivia Wilde
Ed Harris
James Marsters
Robert De Niro
Uma Thurman
Hugh Jackman
Meryl Streep
Kate Beckinsale – I absolutely would!
Frances Conroy
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Tom Hanks
Robin Williams
Alan Rickman
Lucy Liu
Tim Curry
Robert Downey Jr
Kathy Bates
Rachel Weisz
Michael Sheen – that thought gave me a small hoo! moment
Miranda Richardson
Jena Malone
Hector Elizondo
Ryan Renolds
Heather Matarazzo
James Gandolfini
Amanda Seyfried
Alexis Bledel
Nathan Fillion

Yes, there’s a lot of eye candy in there but I hope they all look interesting – see that Mr Perou, my wish list for 2012!

Mwah mwah



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