there’s a new campaign starting with the hashtag: #silentnomore it’s about the misogyny that women who tweet/blog/post about women’s issues face every single day. It doesn’t say our pain is worse than any other person facing cyber bullies, it doesn’t say we’re better than anyone else. It says this happens, it’s wrong and we are NOT going to take it anymore.

There have been a whole lot of people who belong in the more-right-on-than-you club who have been vociferous in their criticism, why aren’t you doing something about x type of cyber hate or bullying or y type., You know what, this is specific, it looks at what does and can happen to 50% of the population if they post things that aren’t agreed with. If it opens the lid on cyber hate and cyber bullying, and, if by doing this it helps even more people great. If it doesn’t and it only helps 50% of the population to be able to speak without the fear of going through what Mary Beard has gone through it’s still doing a pretty fucking good job.

Mwah mwah



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