Kids clothes

As you may know, (or not, I know I’m fabulous but you may not know me very well!) I started doing my Foundation Degree course because I couldn’t find clothes for The Cub W.L.F.* that I actually liked or wanted him to wear. It was the usual thing, 25 racks of clothes for girls – so long as you want it in pink – and 2, if you’re lucky for boys, so long as you want it in blue or beige! There are hundreds of sites all churning out mini Boden type clothing which IMNSHO is the John Major of children’s wear – a bit beige, not very exciting and liable to bore you to death if you let it. Whilst looking into putting together a range of clothing that suits my aesthetic and works with what I have in mind for my own son I’ve come across some wonderful sites, I thought I’d share them with you – aint you all lucky and stuff?

In no particular order:

  • Les Cullotes Courtes written in english you’ll be gratful to know but with a view point which is distinctively French – you might have guessed that from the name of the blog. This blog brings you fab children’s fashions, it also includes links to sales and other child related stuff such as nursery equipment but mostly concentrates on garments. I like it as it has a definite point of view and features some really lovely styles for children.
  • Kids Fashion Review a review of kids fashions in the Australasia region. Gives a nice change to see what’s going on with kids fashions on the other side of the world and likes to include some quirky styles – which suits me down to the ground!
  • Stroller in the City  Brianne Tursi Manz shares what she finds in NYC for mums from fashion to great places to take the kids. I like to imagine I live a fabulous life in NYC ala Bethenney Frankel and it’s me really 😉
  • Boys Be Cool does what it says in the title really, this blog helps to point you towards sites that have ace boys clothes that won’t break the bank. Of course it helps if you live in the USA, but it’s a great place to go for inspiration.
  • Cool Kids Clothes cool vintage, new and fab clothing. I like it because I always see something that inspires my own design.
  • Smockaholics Anonymous is really about smocked clothing – could you guess from the title? But, as I like that kind of thing for babies I like the blog!
  • The Brothers Trimm a general blog for boys which also features fashion. Gotta love other parents who find out great things for their kids and shares the knowledge.
  • Pirouette this blog based in the USA aims to bridge the gap between the industry which has great kids products and people looking to buy great products for their kids. It does it rather well.
  • Planet Awesome Kid shows street style wear for children and invites people to send pictures of their own children’s style. Great inspiration for combining clothes for your children.
  • Smudgetikka written by the Fashion Director at Junior Magazine, good for trend predictions and letting you know what is fresh and new for children’s fashion.
  • Bloesem Kids great general blog and round up of what’s cool for children.
  • Child Mode based in the USA but with an eye towards Europe a great blog which also covers maternity wear.
  • Kenzie Poo get past the name as this is a blog about fresh and edgy kids stuff. The name is unfortunate!
  • 365 days of Children’s Clothes one woman’s attempt to get her the cool clothes here kids wear online. I like it!
  • Bellissima Kids great site from travel with children to fashion.

I like to keep an eye on these blogs for inspiration for our line and for ways of putting outfits together. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Please leave a comment about which ones you like and why.

Mwah mwah!


* W.L.F. = Weird Little Fucker, cos he is and it’s one of the things I love about him most of all. I hope he never develops normal!


Press kits

So, I’ve been looking at putting together press kits to, you know, get myself noticed/some kind of paid employment!

I’m going to include a cd full of images of things I’ve made – not the stuff I already have, not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with the photography, more that the images aren’t perfect due to the way the shoot had to happen. So here’s my plan:

Re-shoot the garments over the summer as both a look book and some still life shots.

Hammer on the door of any and all local/free papers until somebody gives me even half a column inch and I have some kind of press.

Use my, not inconsiderate, skills at making me look better in writing than I am without lying – v handy for cv’s as some of my friends will agree! – to put together a covering letter to let the press know what an awesome person they’ve been overlooking! This will include a couple of influences, what I’ve done outside college and where I’m moving forward in the future.

Carry a folder with me at all times containing the information – you never know who you are going to run into.

Then I’m going to


I’m not above cashing in on my friends contacts so if any of you reading this has any contacts/advise on the above I’ll take any meetings and or criticism you want to give me!

As always MWAH MWAH!


PS you never know I might do Project Runway after my third year!