25 really awful presents for under £10

Following on for presents for your geeky guy some friends of mine are meeting up in London just before Xmas and are planning on Secret Santa. However, they are aiming to outdo each other in the oh my word look at that tat stakes so I thought I’d see what I could find. Here it is for your reading pleasure:

  1. The Queen in a head scarf mask – never again will you need to queue, simply take out your mask and start waving! £3.50
  2. Index fingers – I promise I’m not making this up, post-it notes in the shape of index fingers £2.95
  3. A shower cap bobble hat – look like Super Gran in the shower £4.50
  4. Borat mankini – seriously who is buying these things?
  5. An iPad writing pad – trust me it’s not what you think it is £9.99
  6. Microphone tongs – because that’s what you want to do with things designed for contact with food £8.99
  7. Benedictaphone – give the pope your confession so you can send a memo later!
  8. Fetus cookie cutter – I know this is the USA but it was just too awful not to include $11.99
  9. Inflatable fruit cake – again from the USA but once you look you’ll KNOW why $8.50
  10. Screaming flying monkey – does what it says on the tin really £4.49
  11. I heart the hoff mug – why? for the love of god why? £7.00
  12. Cliff Richard autobiography – please don’t buy this for anyone under the age of 80 New and used from £0.01
  13. Dog mustache – it’s not even slightly funny. £9.99
  14. Michael Quackson – words fail me £7.99
  15. Belly button brush – why? Just why? £4.60
  16. Plop trumps – for people who find whoopee cushions the height of humour £4.99
  17. Pick your nose cups – for people who find the thought of not having a nose on display just too much £7.00
  18. Indicatears – so you can avoid those annoying collisions with people and they know which way you are turning £4.44
  19. Retro weather magnets – so you can patronise people and tell them there will be no hurricane £5.99
  20. Potty fisher – hilaaaaaaaarious #not £9.99
  21. Willy wear – how to break up with the man in your life in one easy step £8.99
  22. A Touch of Morris – erm, ok if you want to listen to bells £4.30
  23. Bacon wallet – I know that us geeks love bacon but really? £8.99
  24. Slipper Genie – now you no longer need a brush up your bottom. £9.99
  25. Santa toilet seat cover – last but by no means least £4.75

Disclaimer, all prices are correct at time of posting, we make no claim that these are the cheapest available.

We also make no claim that any taste was used in picking these items unless it was bad.

Neither have we used some of these companies and can’t vouch for their service.

I’m sorry I put you through this – have fun.

Mwah mwah